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2013 Season
by posted 10/16/2013
12U Madness at Nationals12U Madness<br>2nd Place at State Championship12U McGann<br>Fall Ball 2nd Place at State10U MagicLegacy's First 8U Game<br>08/27/20138U Fall Minnetonka Monkeys

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Information on Passwords
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Field Status
Bennett 3B - Minnetonka TBD (4/24) 
Bennett 3C - Minnetonka TBD (4/24) 
Bennett 3D - Minnetonka  N/A 
Guilliam East (#1) - Minnetonka  N/A 
Guilliam West (#2) - Minnetonka  N/A 
Legacy 1 - Minnetonka  N/A 
Legacy 2 - Minnetonka  N/A 
Legacy 3 - Minnetonka  N/A 
Legacy 4 - Minnetonka  N/A 
Optimist - Minnetonka  N/A 
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2013 Season