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Make Up Tryout Date: Monday, Aug 14 at 5:30 p.m. at Legacy Fields!

For tryout updates we will send out an email and post on Twitter  @MN_Whirl

Questions? Email director@mnwhirl.org

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Whirl FAQs


Q: What is the Whirl?

A: Whirl is a community-based club team.  It is a cooperative effort of Minnetonka and surrounding communities with the objective to get girls 14U and older the opportunity to play fastpitch in a fun and competitive environment.


Q: When and Where are tryouts for the Whirl?

A: August 9th and 10th at Legacy Fields.  Exact times TBD.


Q: Who needs to attend tryouts?

All new and returning players need to tryout to be placed on a team.  Make up or alternate times are not guaranteed, but anyone who cannot make one of the 2 open tryout dates needs to contact the Whirl director prior to the tryout dates to make arrangements.


Q: How many Whirl teams will be formed?

A: Tryout numbers dictate the number of teams formed.  Although we will create as many Whirl teams as possible, but understand that there must be at least two pitchers and two catchers on any team.


Q: If my daughter does not make one of the teams, what happens next?

A: MGSA will communicate with other associations in the surrounding area to find teams looking for girls with similar skill and commitment levels.


Q: What is the cost of Whirl and what does it pay for?

A: For an entire Whirl season, the cost is $855.  This pays for entry to the MN Softball Fall Ball League, fall ball shirt, and Fall State tournament gate fees.  There will be winter development opportunities in the Tonka Dome, which includes team practices.  In summer, the fee pays for entry to the Big West League, uniform shirt, socks, belt, umpire fees, and tournament registration fees.  Winter tournaments, such as Turkey Trot, Winter Bash, MLK Day, and President’s Day, are “pay to play” and completely optional.


Q: Does Whirl have paid coaches?

A: Most likely yes, unless there is a parent coach whom the Whirl committee believes would be better than a paid coach.  Head Coaches who have a daughter on the team will receive a full scholarship in lieu of payment.


Q: What is the commitment level for Whirl?

A: Whirl is very similar to the commitment level of 12U Fastpitch.  During the fall, teams will practice 1-2 times a week and play doubleheader each weekend.  In the winter, player development is “if you can make it, great!”.  The summer league, which starts at the end of May, will be practices two times a week, league games during the week, and 4-5 tournaments (which includes qualifiers and state). Nationals are decided by team and are optional.


Q: What are the known dates for 2017-2018 Season

Fall Ball

  • 8/27, 9/10 Dbl Hdrs
  • 9/17 (Qualifiers)
  • 9/24 Fall State

Winter Development

TBD, at Tonka Dome

Summer Ball

  • 14U Season starts late May 14U
  • 16U Season starts first week of June (after HS season)
  • 7/14-7/15 Qualifiers
  • 7/21-7/22 State


Q: Does Whirl support multi-sport athletes?

A: Yes.  We ask that your daughter is committed to both fall and summer practice, game,  and tournament schedule.  Absences should be very minimal, but need to be communicated as soon as known to give the coach time to make adjustments.  We do expect that if you are given a roster spot on the team, you are playing fall ball and summer ball.  The fee is not a la carte.