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Winter Teams


Winter Teams

After Selects formation, Tonka Fastpitch will attempt to create two more winter teams, one at 10U and one at 12U.  Indicate your player's interest in winter dome team participation while registering for Fall Fastpitch.

These teams will be based off of Fall Fastpitch tryout scores.

If your player does is not able to participate on a winter team, there are numerous other ways to train during the winter with our extensive winter training program and tournament only teams.

For 2022-23 Tonka Fastpitch had the following Winter Teams...

10U Winter (coached by Tia Simpson), this team played in four winter tourneys, 5 weeks of a dome ball league, and practiced 1-2 times per week.

10U Winter Tourney Only Teams (coached by various volunteer coaches), these teams were made up of players not playing on either Selects or 10U Winter.  These rosters varied for each tournament.  

10U Tonka Winter

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12U Tonka Winter

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